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So dead out there!

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I don't know if Im just being totally unlucky but all of my sessions this week but one has been really slow. Hope to get in thirty hours this weekend but if slow will be tough.

Forum is dead too, what is everyone doing, at the summer vacation houses having fun?
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Some sorry piece of shit stole the bumper off my M3 two nights ago in Woodinville.
Thats totally effed up, man
Some sorry piece of shit stole the bumper off my M3 two nights ago in Woodinville.
That is so ****ed up!

While not nearly as bad, I got totally glitter bombed with my first PAX today at 4 AM. It kinda caused an issue with my session but was able to push through it. Got sent to Bellevue when surged at like 8 AM and was like f it and went home after.
Early this week was great but last two days sucked. There was a 430 am surge which is the first Ive seen that in a few weeks. I got two 1.9 Udistrict to Udistrict train station lol and said **** it and went to sleep. Been driving in traffic all week got to shift to weekend mode. Both of the surges were suitcase psych-outs, thought was getting 1.9 airport rides for a brief moment. I know some will say that is what u get in the Udistrict but Ive been running well there but will go elsewhere if possible until the students all get back.
Suitcase psych-out. Good one. Didn't they play at the block party?

I've had those. The first couple times I'm sure I didn't have my poker face on when they said they were just going to the train station.
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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