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Snow Storm Driving Advice

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I drive with Lyft. With the minimal amount of snow compared to last January, things will try to remain open. I have a F150 4X4 that will be ready to drive, rubber mats, and plenty of coffee. Historically speaking, is there big money demand. Obviously it is about locality of the ping. Not worth driving 30 min to get a rider but if you are within, I call that 5 min area at 300-500 or more % its a gig. Especially if my Fed Gov job shuts down.
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Thanks for this! I drive a focus but I'm from Buffalo so this should be cake :)
I am looking for anyone who has some Lyft historical pricing from last years blizzard.
It should be . You can be the best driver on snow in the world but that won't help when a guy in his rear wheel drive Pinto careers into you. It's the other wankers on the road you have to worry about, especially your fellow fuber and Lyft drivers who can't even drive well in perfect conditions.
True but that's what their insurance is for and their insurance paying out. They accept the risk. Trust me...me in my 4X4 gets hit by someone out of control, I am going to be having neck and back pains for sure!!!!! $$$$$
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Like I said...I wont get stuck I have a nice F150 4X4 loaded with sand. And if some idiot hits me...perfect. Just total it...for me. Because when they hit me...I am sure it will cause me to slide into the wall and damage more. Sounds like a new truck and big insurance payout for me.
Update by national weather service only calling for 4 to 8" in DC now. I bet it is going to be a bummer.
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