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Slowness due to Uber server down this morning?

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Pax told me that she could not connect to Uber this morning for 45mins.
Probably this is the reason for slowness lately.
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They had server problems all day Thursday. Unfortunately, itaffected my bonus, but Uber hasn't made up for it.


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How much did you lose?
$999. It was a special bonus that no other drivers got.
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Just kidding. Uber never offers me anything special.. I'm the red-headed step child apparently (except blonde).
I know. I was just humoring you so you wouldn't have me kid napped and given a bad haircut.
No doubt. Wait- Is that a thing? "Kid napped and bad haircut? I think that may have happened to me once.
They're denying exposure so they don't have to pay out on a class action... Look up Target's recent breach and the class action they had to pay out if you don't believe me.

It was a cloudflare hack half a month back, looks like they got hit again with cloudbleed exposing everyone's shit once again, both uber and lyft use cloudflare for content delivery.

"Tech company".

I've heard people buy out Uber info on the black market for quite cheap. I think it's mostly passenger account info, but not sure, since I don't shop there.

It's not just Uber having servers down but Lyft as well. :confused:

Maybe those Russian hackers are now hacking Uber/Lyft. Somebody needs to let the press know about this. This might be bigger than Trump's hacked phone lines and Hillary's E-Mail account :D:rolleyes:
Russia didn't back the elections and the press was unable to attribute any source to ever confirming this. These are the same people in January who reported that Trump was bugged last year, and are now reporting that Truml is making claims when there's no proof he was bugged.

So they're finally referring to themselves as fake news too??!! Finally.
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