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Slow august

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Hey ft Myers/Naples drivers was anyone here last August/September demand seems non existent now to many drivers?
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Uber wasn't even here last August. But, yeah, it's atrocious the few times I've logged in since July. Didn't stay on for long.
One change I noticed is that compare to the seasons the rides really getting shorter.
My last statement shows 17 trips for a $ 97.00 payout and it were almost the same the week before.
In the season the average ride was way over $ 12.00,also it seems all what I'm driving now are young kids or waiters while in the season you had more sophisticate riders.
I also drive only during the day so it might be better for the "bar hopper driver"
Right. People here have cars. So if visitors are gone (who in their right mind would visit here in August voluntarily?) Locals will almost always be going short distances. If they had to pay any decent $ they would find other means.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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