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Six Flags/The Big E

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Anyone ever work Six Flags or The Big E?

I'd think The Big E would be prime for Uber because of the parking situation.

Does Six Flags charge to park? Haven't been there in a while.
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There is an area for parking in which Six Flags does charge. But I think as an Uber Driver, we would use the drop off area near the main gates if we were to get a ping for a ride there.

I've just started recently as a Driver. I was thinking about how both The Big E & Six Flags would work out. Another "big" attraction in western Mass (although it may border the Worcester area) is the Brimfield Antique/Flea Markets that happen.
Six Flags and Big E could work, but Uber has to reach that market to let people know about the service (rather than putting all their money into getting new drivers). The vast majority just drive there. Brimfield would be a nightmare in my opinion because of the traffic and Route 20 being your only option in and out. Moving that slow, unless there is a high surge, is a waste of time.
Might be in our (the drivers) best interest to get the word out whenever possible. At my main job, I've mentioned me being a driver as I'm either leaving or stopping in on a day off to get coffee/fuel. A couple people were surprised that Uber is in the area, and had one person in surprise because she had heard about Uber but never met a driver.

Someone else on these forums mentioned Facebook. I'm all for using social media, but be careful as to how you word things when it comes to mentioning Uber. Be positive about it, don't compare it to other services (Lyft, taxi, limo, etc). I'm sure that some of the people I know would use Uber if they knew it was in the area, especially with upcoming events.
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