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Sir your breath is humming and ok ok ok just stop talking

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Gotta ping at the comfort inn on Hollywood Blvd, curious to who stays at a comfort inn on h Blvd. I pull up and see an older man rush up from the couch in lobby a nd comes out with wife and daughter. He told me he was from Brazil and they saw the grand canyon etc.,, he seemed to speak lil English,but anything I said he just nodded or yeah, he asked me is this a real famous street is this that, buddy I'm not a tour bus driver ,told him I'm new to la too.

He says we want a go to papa John's is it good ?" I told him ya lotta people like it" I hate that street personally. Dominos thin crust all day. Its 1.5 mile away , we pull up. He looks "is that it ? , no no we don't want eat there, we like sit down can you help me " I say sure and ready to punch in Italian restaurant in waze and I pull over, he then says " I prefer olive garden I know I like that " I searched olive garden the closest location 14 miles Westfield mall, is this too far ? I say 20 minutes 14 miles not too far he says ok, or course he doesn't put in the address change,

I jump on 2 freeways and 8 miles in he says no no where r u taking me its too far how I'm gonna pay and he's sitting in my front seat exclaiming its too far and breath is humming slapping me at the face. Wish I didn't get this fare,

We finally pull up and he says is that it , I look for the olive garden don't see it, he sees sizzles oooo sizzla , I look at my app it says bjs was my destination I just am like is there an olive garden there right ? In my head. I pull up to the BJs and the wife and girl thank me and get out , meanwhile the guy asks me 3 times where is it is it in the mall is this it ? I point at the bjs he gets out and I pull the hell out, hope someone helped him find the olive garden or he enjoyed the bjs greenhouse,.or maybe he Got some sizzler .. they didn't go hungry.
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Isn't there some sort of scientific study that showed that the average person's IQ significantly lowered when on vacation or out of the country? They basically regress to children that are able to repeatedly ask ordinary people the most off the wall questions because they know the locals to the area, which is an obvious tourist destination, will answer and help them. Being 100% serious right now fwiw lol
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