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I'm thinking about signing up to drive for Lyft, I currently drive for Uber. I'm busy enough with Lyft downtown but I live in Plainfield, and uber is slow that far in the southwest suburbs. Does anyone know what's the biggest sign up bonus for signing up for Lyft in Chicago? I heard some say it's $50, some say $250 and some even say $500 after your first 50 rides. What's the sign up bonus code for the biggest bonus. Thanks in advance!!!

Also, does anyone drive for Lyft in the southwest suburbs? Is it busy? I would love to drive in Orland park, Joliet, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, etc. sometimes I have a few hours to spare but I hate the fact that I have to drive downtown to make any type of real money. It's an hour away going and another hour coming back. I need 100 miles just going and coming back. Feel free to share your experiences. Thanks again!

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One of the pet peeves I have with Lyft is that they change their bonuses on a whim. You can get 5 guys who sign up as drivers over a 3 month period, and each one of them has different reward/incentive $$$ amount, and a different "number of rides in 30 days" requirement.

For instance, here is the CURRENT (June 28, 2016) New Driver CHICAGO promotion-incentive, from: https://www.lyft.com/terms/incentives/55d643f79c4f464eba189889

"New drivers in Chicago, IL are eligible for a $600 bonus after they complete 30 rides. Eligible drivers must fulfill all of the following requirements:
  • Enter a valid new driver promotion code (in the promo code field) when you start your application.
    • If you follow a new driver promo link from Facebook, Craigslist, or Google, the code should be automatically entered for you.
    • If you don't enter a code upon starting your application, you will not be eligible for this promotion.
  • Get approved as a Lyft driver within 30 days of their original application date.
  • Give 30 rides within 30 days of being approved. "
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