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Sickening: the guy who works @ the gas station and only does weekends gets better promos then me ????

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As I say, that guy only works on weekends and gets better promos and bonuses than me, 10k rides and six year’s….
What’s wrong here ????? Sickening
Side note : he does not even speak English


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no one forces anyone to work. quests and bonus's with regular lyft has not be fair since day one. years ago when 4x would be around at 2 am ..i would see and lyft driver when i was getting same app as him. getting say 50% prime all in my area ..he was getting 250% prime. thats when i jumped to the darker side....
anyone here think back a few years ago on new years . lift on new years eve, had the best prime surge ever. took 1 xl big for uber to n.j for $175 than .OFF WENT UBER.. 500 % for cc and fish town lowering to by 10 am to like 150%.
me and my buddy were beat by 5 am or so...$1000 nt. pass. paid base..we got 5x
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