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Should i start chewing again?

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Im considering taking back up smoking and or dip. A pax put a dip in the other day and just the smell of wintergreen brought me back.

Pros- stress release, get a good lightheaded buzz for the first week of starting it back up.

Cons- i have no money for it. Its a gross habit, spit cans and bottles everywhere, teeth rot, cancer.
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Dip is the only thing I truly miss. Driving around dipping would be the best thing ever. DONT go back if you already quit..I quit for two years had one dip on a drunken night as was hooked for another two years until I finally kicked it.

Although I picked up a rep for Kodiak who was just at a convention in vegas..she said that dipping isn't nearly as bad as it has been claimed. No more fiberglass or cutting agents are used. She said it's not healthy, but it's healthier than any other form of tobacco use. I never had any complications besides maybe a cold sore here or there.

So in conclusion, save the money, embrace the stress of life, reminisce about the glory days, and keep trucking player
I was able to drive away from the gas station. I did a little reality check on myself and remembered how much money, time and effort i spent on it and all the other times i had quit. This is easily the longest ive gone without nicotine, i think im at about 2 years sense my last cig. Been sober from drugs and alcohol 3 years in 2 more weeks.

Not sure how much better this is but i promptly rewarded myself with a box of donuts. Lol
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