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Should i start chewing again?

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Im considering taking back up smoking and or dip. A pax put a dip in the other day and just the smell of wintergreen brought me back.

Pros- stress release, get a good lightheaded buzz for the first week of starting it back up.

Cons- i have no money for it. Its a gross habit, spit cans and bottles everywhere, teeth rot, cancer.
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I think you should start chewing tobacco again.
Very classy.

I was able to drive away from the gas station. I did a little reality check on myself and remembered how much money, time and effort i spent on it and all the other times i had quit. This is easily the longest ive gone without nicotine, i think im at about 2 years sense my last cig. Been sober from drugs and alcohol 3 years in 2 more weeks.

Not sure how much better this is but i promptly rewarded myself with a box of donuts. Lol
3 years sober

I'll tell you something much better which, by the way, does not carry spit cans, rotten teeth or cancer. Pus*y.
May cause throat cancer from HPV
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