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Should I do UberAssist?

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With more and more drivers in Brisbane the wait time between trips can be quite long during off-peak hours. Would it help if I was an UberAssist driver? The only thing stopping me is the fact that every time I check the rider app the UberAssist cars are often over 15mins away.
So by driving for UberAssist can I expect more requests from further away for the same rate per km? That sounds like a bad deal for the driver, especially if the passenger needs extra help. (I believe our govt subsidises special assistance taxis so that makes it profitable for the driver but not for Uber?)

Would like to hear from anyone who has done UberAssist before.
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i wouldnt do uber assist... i had a old lady up the road from me who is completely muted and disable with a walking stick, i'm more shock she could active the program, took 10mins to find her, since she couldnt talk and address wasnt so specfic... got to the location she wanted to go to.. it was very hard spend 20mins finding the spot. Then she wanted me to stay, which was like another 30mins then took 5mins to drop her back at home... so after that exp im pretty sure i never do uber assist.. the pay was very bad lol but since im doing a service how can i say no right?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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