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Should I do UberAssist?

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With more and more drivers in Brisbane the wait time between trips can be quite long during off-peak hours. Would it help if I was an UberAssist driver? The only thing stopping me is the fact that every time I check the rider app the UberAssist cars are often over 15mins away.
So by driving for UberAssist can I expect more requests from further away for the same rate per km? That sounds like a bad deal for the driver, especially if the passenger needs extra help. (I believe our govt subsidises special assistance taxis so that makes it profitable for the driver but not for Uber?)

Would like to hear from anyone who has done UberAssist before.
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I signed up for it and got a few but I think they kicked me to the curb. I had a blind lady and when I dropped her at her house I just dropped her off normal. When she got out and tried to close the door she missed a couple of times before she found it. Then she felt her way to the house. I was thinking maybe I should help but it was a woman and I was not sure about taking her to her door. Felt awkward. Plus on that trip the waz app routed me around traffic so the route was longer than what it should have been. So for both things together I think I got a bad rating. One thing I never understood. She seemed to find her way to the car when I picked her up just fine. Did she get more blind on the drive home?

I also had people with broken legs and crutches trying to get picked up in busy areas. You fight for a spot to pickup and you just want them to get in fast but they have crutches, etc. You cant really get out and help, too much traffic. Crutches have screws sticking out, etc. so your worried about the interior and aggravated. Then theirs the old ladies that can't figure out how to get their seatbelts on. You basically need to get in the back and help them get their seatbelt on. Again aggravating and awkward. I just like to stay in my seat stfu and drive; let the PAX fend for themselves. After a couple of weeks I stopped getting the old, blind and broken so I guess there is a probationary period that I failed. Glad to be done with that!
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How did she book the Uber if she was blind?
legally blind but not 100% blind. She made it to the car fine. During the ride she told me she was legally blind caused by something going wrong in her brain; can no longer drive so she uses Uber. At her house she had a really hard time so it seemed to me that she got more blind during the trip. If she had of had that much trouble finding the car I would have talked to her during the ride to find out if she wanted help from the car to the house.
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