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Should I do UberAssist?

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With more and more drivers in Brisbane the wait time between trips can be quite long during off-peak hours. Would it help if I was an UberAssist driver? The only thing stopping me is the fact that every time I check the rider app the UberAssist cars are often over 15mins away.
So by driving for UberAssist can I expect more requests from further away for the same rate per km? That sounds like a bad deal for the driver, especially if the passenger needs extra help. (I believe our govt subsidises special assistance taxis so that makes it profitable for the driver but not for Uber?)

Would like to hear from anyone who has done UberAssist before.
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Well I just came across this old thread from 2015 which answers my question.


Most UberX drivers are helpful anyway. I pick up people with minor disabilities every now and then. I even picked up an old lady in a wheelchair recently which was folded and put in the boot. What does this UberAssist thing do that a normal Uber cannot? Seems like a PR gimmick to me. I've decided that I'm not signing up.
I've been an uberASSIST driver for 6+ months and had 0 trips. A lot of those 6+ months I was driving 30-40 hours a week.
I had a blind lady and when I dropped her at her house I just dropped her off normal.
How did she book the Uber if she was blind?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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