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SF traffic ranks as 4th worst in world

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Yeah!! We need to raise the rates so high that hardly anyone would be able to afford to ride ... that's it!! No riders, no traffice ... the rates ought to be raised to just be slightly prohibitive for servers, salesclerks, students, admin personnel, kitchen helpers, clerks that they behave properly ... the rates ought to be a little thought provoking for attorneys, doctors, CEOs, business owners, and other professionals that changes their arrogant behavior just a little ... Yes, that's the balance needed to alleviate the traffic ...

Raise the rates so that the truly relatively wealthy can only ride ... less riders, less traffic ...
You forgot to conclude your statement with neon font and "T0uGH TalKiN DUuuuUUdEs!" Does that mean that this is a serious statement or satire? I am so confused.
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