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The only place I get the feeling purposefully targets Uber/Lyft drivers is SFO
Yes, that's true, the SFO airport you mean. They don't like you making U-turns near the staging area and I've seen multiple Uber/Lyft cars getting ticketed there. Otherwise, in SF itself, the cops are super lenient because you are an Uber.

I have very large Uber stickers on my doors (they're actually magnetic), but with the illegal maneuvers I constantly keep on doing in SF (sometimes accidentally right in front of cops), I should have gotten issued hundreds of moving violations by now.

The one exception is on Powell near Union Square. I turned left on Powell with a no left turn (except for commercial vehicles and deliveries on that street), and the police officer gave me a no left turn citation (which I intend to fight in court). He said that Uber Black cars are considered commercial vehicles because they have TCP license numbers on their bumpers and that would have been ok if I had been a UberBlack (but I was an UberX). And he also said that the left turn would have been ok if I was picking up someone on Powell itself (which I wasn't, the pick up location I was going for was actually one block away from Powell).

In any case, I really doubt that a full jury of my peers will agree unanimously with his assessment. And I won't let the judge bully me into taking a plea.
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