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It's probably because of the threats from ISIS about targeting SF http://abc7news.com/news/new-isis-video-names-targets-in-san-francisco/1404458/ :(
My bbf doesn't want me to drive to and/or from SFO now because of the Istanbul airport bombing.

The Istanbul Airport got attacked by suicide bombers and left a trail of death, injuries, and a mess at the airport. The footage of the GGB, Pine St, and Powell St. shows me that ISIS could plant a suicide bomber on a cable car or in a moving vehicle traveling across the GGB. They would need a lot of suicide bombers to create havoc using different vehicles. I think that SFO needs a lot more security because you don't need ID to get inside the buildings and the International section is mostly made of glass and steel. CAL Train and BART needs a lot more patrol officers too. I would think there are cameras everywhere hiding on the GGB because of the threats in the past besides the people that want to jump off the bridge.
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