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Severe Uberx shortage on Cape Cod.

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Business is booming. Demand is off the hook. I'll sacrifice a little of the plump fat surges if I can encourage some of the best and the brightest men and women uberx's to serve the ravenous public appetite for rides. Our rates are $1.90 + .25 per minute...pretty sweet! I'm calling on 40 or 50 enthusiastic go getters to come on down. Get yourselves a weekly rental take a little family vacation and while the kids are at the beach...Clean up with uber. Bar crowds galore and surges to wet your saliva glands like you've never seen. Who's a gamer?
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Really that lucrative and busy?

I'd think many on vacation down there with local Uber accounts would drive a few hours here and there, thus increasing competition. Why do you want more competition?
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