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Setting themselves up to be a victim

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Yesterday while doing a drop off as pax exited the vehicle a very attractive female wearing very revealing attire approached my car and asked me if I’d take her to XXXXX. I refused for two reasons, I don’t take off app cash rides and I already had another pick up.

Im thinking of the South Carolina incident recently. What this woman doesn’t realize is that there are predators posing as ride share drivers that will take her alright. And it probably won’t be the destination she wants and like the case in S.C. it may be her last ride anywhere alive.

Be smart...Be safe, don’t ask any random ride share driver to take you anywhere for cash off app. It may be a ride you’ll regret you ever took.
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approached my car and asked me if I'd take her to XXXXX
I had the same thing happen outside Wet Republic some young intoxicated gal by herself wearing only a bikini. Give ya $20 to take me to Walgreens.

I mainly won't take off app passengers because I never know if Metro might be doing some type of string operation.
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in front of me took the ride
One pick up I did my passenger was talking to Uber Infront of me looking for her Uber. When she finally got in my car she tells me he offered to take her.
What a turd. Steal a ride from me and make passenger pay cancellation fee then charge her for a ride.
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