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I was on a 25 minute trip and when I dropped PAX off it wouldn't let me close the trip - error note came up and I tried several times then it told me to log off.....logged back on and that trip didn't show up. Still hasn't shown up. I've emailed UBER and had a response "go to your online dashboard and click "Trips" on the left-hand side. Click on the correct trip from the list, and the ID will be at the top of the page. Or kindly provide the date and time. ...."

How can I get a trip ID when the trip isn't showing. I've emailed back the same information in my original email that had the PAX's name, date and time and locations of pickup and drop off.....haven't heard - it still isn't showing up. Hate to say it, however I'm glad to know it just wasn't me.
I also am waiting for payment. I gave them until this morning to see if it would fix itself (it didn't), and then I emailed them about 10 hours ago. They responded saying they needed more info (even though all the info they asked for was in my original email).

I'm not angry yet, as I'm sure they have many, many similar cases to deal with. But I hope it's fixed for payday.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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