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Oklahoma Sen. Bryce Marlatt (R-Woodward) is reportedly under investigation by Oklahoma City police after an Uber driver alleged the senator touched and kissed her while she was driving.

KFOR reported the investigation first around 4 p.m. Wednesday, although the station's story does not list the police report or cite any source by name saying Marlatt is the person under investigation.

OKC police Sgt. Gary Knight said today that multiple people have requested the police report, which was filed the evening of June 28 about events that allegedly occurred the night of Monday, June 26. The report (embedded below) redacts the identity of the victim and the suspect, something Knight said is standard.

"The suspect who is listed on there is redacted out. In order for us to release a suspect's name, there must be one of three things present," Knight said. "They must have been arrested for the crime, had charges filed on them for the crime or had a warrant issued for their arrest of that crime. None of those things are present."

Knight said the investigation is ongoing, and the police report notes that the reporting party "wants to press charges."

From the police report:

[Victim] stated she drives for Uber and was transporting a customer when he made advances on her during transit. [Victim] picked up [suspect] at [9:59 p.m.] and dropped [suspect] off at [10:36 p.m.].

[Victim} described [suspect], (redacted) as grabbing her forcefully and kissing [victim} on the neck while she was driving. This occurred on the Lake Hefner Parkway en route to [suspect's] destination at a hotel somewhere off Expressway. After arriving at the hotel, [suspect] had [victim] drive to the Pump Bar located at N.W. 24th and Walker. [Victim} was able to obtain basic information for [suspect] and was able to find a picture of him on the internet which she showed me. [Suspect] is described as a white male approximately 5'9" in height and approximately 170 pounds. The description of [suspect] on the picture [victim] showed me indicated [suspect] was employed by (redacted).

NonDoc has confirmed Marlatt's presence at the Pump Bar on the evening in question. Marlatt was arrested in 2014 on an alcohol-related charge.

A call to Marlatt's cell phone has not been returned as of the time of this post.

This story will be updated when further information is available.
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