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Security Scanning Your ID

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So one of the local colleges erected a guard shack at the entrance during covid, but generally still just waived Uber drivers through. After covid waned they really never stopped anyone (great job if you can get it!). But today I go there to do a drop off, and now they have a big sign and are asking for ID from everyone in the car. The security guard wanted my ID and my passenger's ID. My passenger didn't have a government ID on her, but I handed mine over like a sheep, and the guy actually scanned it with his computer! WTF. After I left I got mad about it, and decided that I wasn't going back there to get my ID scanned every time. Sure enough my next trip is a pick up at that university. I messaged the passenger and told him I wasn't coming because I didn't want my ID scanned, and asked him to cancel the trip. After some arguing, I ended up cancelling the trip.

What do you think? Do you hand your ID over to get scanned?
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Yes. It's no big deal.

All the high security places do that, run a background check on you to they do, want to know who you are they do. - Yoda.

Paranoid you are, perhaps not do Uber you do.

In fact some places don't give back your id until you leave. Want to search your car they do.
This is a college campus that is not otherwise fenced in at all. Anyone could walk onto the campus and do whatever they want. There is no need to scan IDs. There is also an elementary school on the campus. Am I to believe that they are trying to scan every parent's ID every morning during school drop off and pick up times? That would be a nightmare
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I will be shocked if the guard with the computer actually has access to all that information that he scan, I mean this may not be relevant but I use Square up, I scan credit cards I don't have all the credit card information when I scan it.
Who does collect that information, though? Does the college get a report listing everyone who entered the campus, or is it kept at the security company?
Is the college the OP had to get scanned at a private college or a state college? A state college is public, and overseen by the the state.
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