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Security Scanning Your ID

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So one of the local colleges erected a guard shack at the entrance during covid, but generally still just waived Uber drivers through. After covid waned they really never stopped anyone (great job if you can get it!). But today I go there to do a drop off, and now they have a big sign and are asking for ID from everyone in the car. The security guard wanted my ID and my passenger's ID. My passenger didn't have a government ID on her, but I handed mine over like a sheep, and the guy actually scanned it with his computer! WTF. After I left I got mad about it, and decided that I wasn't going back there to get my ID scanned every time. Sure enough my next trip is a pick up at that university. I messaged the passenger and told him I wasn't coming because I didn't want my ID scanned, and asked him to cancel the trip. After some arguing, I ended up cancelling the trip.

What do you think? Do you hand your ID over to get scanned?
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When they scan your ID it gives exactly the information that is supposed to be on the front of the card and that is all.

It's easier to scan it than have the guys sit there and type it in by hand especially when people are a "hunt and peck" typers.

I do believe it's also illegal to do a background check on somebody without prior permission.
Completely untrue. They also get your middle name, address, your telephone number, your date of birth and your social security number. That is all the information needed to steal your identity. Do you really want some minimum wage security guard to have that information?

    • 'Jurisdiction-specific vehicle class',
    • 'Expiry Date',
    • 'Last Name',
    • 'First Name',
    • 'Issue Date',
    • 'Birth Date',
    • 'Gender',
    • 'Eye Color',
    • 'Height',
    • 'Street',
    • 'City',
    • 'State',
    • 'Zip',
    • 'License Number',
    • 'Document Discriminator',
    • 'Issue Country',
    • 'Street 2',
    • 'Hair Color',
    • 'Place of birth',
    • 'Audit information',
    • 'Inventory Control Number',
    • 'Alias / AKA Family Name',
    • 'Alias / AKA Given Name',
    • 'Alias / AKA Suffix Name',
    • 'Name Suffix',
    • 'Physical Description Weight Range',
    • 'Race / Ethnicity',
    • 'Standard vehicle classification',
    • 'Standard endorsement code',
    • 'Standard restriction code',
    • 'Jurisdiction-specific vehicle classification description',
    • 'Jurisdiction-specific endorsement code description',
    • 'Jurisdiction-specific restriction code description',
    • 'Compliance Type',
    • 'Card Revision Date',
    • 'HazMat Endorsement Expiration Date',
    • 'Limited Duration Document Indicator',
    • 'Weight(pounds)',
    • 'Weight(kilograms)',
    • 'Under 18 Until',
    • 'Under 19 Until',
    • 'Under 21 Until',
    • 'Organ Donor Indicator',
    • 'DDL': 'Veteran Indicator',
    • 'Customer Full Name',
    • 'Customer Last Name',
    • 'Name Suffix',
    • 'Name Prefix',
    • 'Residence Street Address1',
    • 'Residence Street Address2',
    • 'Residence City',
    • 'Residence Jurisdiction Code',
    • 'License Classification Code',
    • 'License Restriction Code',
    • 'License Endorsements Code',
    • 'Height in CM',
    • 'Issue Timestamp',
    • 'Number of Duplicates',
    • 'Organ Donor',
    • 'Non-Resident Indicator',
    • 'Unique Customer Identifier',
    • 'Social Security Number',
    • 'Social Security Number',
    • 'Federal Commercial Vehicle Codes',
    • 'Name Suffix',
    • 'Permit Classification Code',
    • 'Permit Expiration Date',
    • 'Permit Identifier',
    • 'Permit IssueDate',
    • 'Permit Restriction Code',
    • 'Permit Endorsement Code',
    • 'Court Restriction Code',

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The information on the front IS in the scan exactly as it should be. This prevents identification forging. I didn't say that was the only thing that was in the scan.

Your social security number is not listed on a driver's license, registration or insurance.

Federal law prevents ssn from ANY state driver license.

All that information that you listed pertains to the DMV which also if applicable printed on the license itself.
Except that your SSN is contained in the barcode. It is just not available on the license in human readable form.
Every insurance company I have ever dealt with has required I disclose my SSN. This is because your credit rating affects your insurance premium.
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