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Without the square mile we are in massive trouble.

We don't make anything on scale anymore. We need to do financial services and do it well.

Sadly nepotism is everywhere from the local supermarket right up to the top of some bank.

You only get a strong public service performance from one essential fundamental safeguard - it's called being able to lose your job.

Which means that PR voting in all local and national elections is a must to abolish safe seats and by extension safe councillors and MPs - who act as they like in full knowledge they will be re-elected until they pop their clogs.

We need to abolish this totally nuts idea from John McDonnell that having a £100 week for every citizen as a universal income will do any good......it won't.

Just put one living wage into law and settle on a agreed rate of increase like the pensions are......end of story.

I would set it for firms of over 250 staff at £11 hour and for small firms under 250 staff - they would get tax breaks to slowly adapt to the new law.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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