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Would you care if the second rider rated you a "one" as retaliation for seeing you rate the first rider less than "five" on the assumption that you're a harsh rarer, jerk, whatever? That's more the issue.

I like the replies suggesting removal of the phone from the holder temporarily for the rating between drop-off of pax #1 and driving to pax #2 destination.
I don't worry about what riders rate me. I've had conversations about ratings with riders. What I usually tell them is every time you rate a driver less than 5, you are telling Uber to fire that driver.

I do enough rides that my ratings turn over rather quickly. I also don't seem to have the issues of poor ratings that many drivers seem to worry about.

Then again, I think if most people just relaxed and did the job, that many of their problems would probably go away.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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