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I know many say not to do UberPool or else live with consequences, etc. Well, that aside, I dislike ability of second Pooler still in my car (sometimes in my front seat) to have a view of my private rating of first Pooler recently departing my car. Invariably, I tend then to rate first one 5 stars even if I felt like giving less because I don't want spying second Pooler (possibly spying or possibly doesn't care) to see me give low rating to his pool chat buddy. Second Pooler then could spite me by giving me a low rating as well for being what he might feel was a harsh rating to the first Pooler.

Maybe I overthink this stuff. I have learned from this forum recently of the ability to re-enter the system to adjust my rating of a rider but I haven't tried it yet. Perhaps I also could remove my phone for a second from the mount and tip it in my hand for privacy while rating.

Just one of those nuisance issues I've considered in UberPool but hadn't remembered until now to bring to this complaint forum. I haven't seen another thread yet on this topic so thought I'd seek comment if anyone else has felt the same way.
Since you stopped to let the first passenger out, unmount your phone and position it to give the rating that way. Your stop so you have no issue with using your device with your hands while holding it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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