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SEATTLE: Some Uber drivers want a rate hike – not just a union

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Seattle City Counsel meeting Wednesday on Driver union.

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"Tami Dunlap was also at those meetings.

Dunlap: "I'm a full-time special education teacher and back in December of 2014, I was looking for a way to make some extra money. And so I was considering a second job, and somebody suggested that I look into Uber."

She's been driving part-time for Uber since then. But Dunlap is worried that part-time drivers may not be deemed eligible to vote on union representation. And she wants the chance to vote "no."

Dunlap: "The reason I like Uber so much is it's under my control. And the idea that some third party was going to come in and have some sort of say about when I drive or where I drive or how much I drive just has absolutely no appeal for me."

That's not to say Dunlap has no issues with Uber. She says many drivers believe the base fare is too low - a recent trip netted her just $2.85.

And she agrees drivers do need more support from Uber when they get the occasional low rating.

But instead of a union, she wants to address issues directly with the company."

Tami Dunlap of Seattle likely has the IQ of a goat. She's been working for Uber for a year and a half, she scrapes by making $2.85 a ride, and she still thinks she can "address issues directly with the company?"

This is the low-IQ driver which Uber loves. Drivers like this make life miserable for all other drivers because they're completely clueless about real life.

The good thing about unions is they tell the stupid people to go sit in the back of the room. Pay your union dues and go sit in the back and let the grownups make the decisions. We'll save you (and us) from your stupidity. We know you're not even smart enough to thank us but at least you can sit in the back and keep quiet so you won't ruin things for everyone.
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