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Article: GST Roadblock Deterring Uber Drivers - SDA's Take
THIS morning I awoke to find SDA's latest media interview efforts translated into this Start Up Smarts article which we are pleased report was pretty close too the substance of our exchange. Our compliments to the author for a decent representation of share drivers views.

Now, it would be easy for me to sit here and say: "that's not my quote, or that's not what I meant, or that's out of context". But that would be unfair because overall the article does discuss most of the major points I tried to make.

It gets slightly lost in translation from representing share drivers views in their purest form because the intended audience is not the general public, but a very particular demographic: those starting a business, those interested in business start ups and others with an interest in how technology can work for business.

We were very pleased to see a link included back to our site. An explanation that drivers end up paying an effective GST of 12.5% was included. It said that drivers were dropping out in masses and that I had also quit (not quit, just stopped driving for now). Well, pretty sure I said many (not masses) share drivers were dropping out and listed a variety of reasons, not just GST, but I shall give the author the benefit of the doubt because it's possible I did say it some stage in our phone conversation.

It can be argued that Start Up Smart's article will have some good reach and impact. Afterall, who else do you know of who are starting up small tech based businesses in earnest? Australian share drivers, that's who!

Original article here: http://www.startupsmart.com.au/fina...ock-deterring-uber-drivers/2015081115285.html
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