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Nah u can schedule ubers now
not everywhere,
Could you please advise why I do not have the option to schedual a Uber.
It just does not come up

If it is available in your area (and it isnt available everywhere from what I have read) its not immediately obvious.
Here's how to do it on an IOS

open your rider app
in the "where to" box at the top, tap on the car and clock icon inside the box on the right
select your date and time
hit set pick up time.

If it's not there, it could be for a number of reasons
1) you are not in an area that allows scheduling (in sydney I believe thats the eastern suburbs and inner west. It may or may not have rolled out to other areas yet)
2) your app is not the latest update. Check your app store and see if there is a new version available
3) if you are on android it may show up differently (although i think its still in same spot)

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Scheduled rides are not to be confused with an actual booking. Using the schedule feature (where available) is simply an in app timer for when you wish the request to be sent. The request is still subject to availability and surge pricing if active at the time.

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