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I pick up a rider about 4 days ago and what a great customer. Half way through the trip he starts to cough and tells me is is just getting over the flu and is at the tail end of it. Makes you think a bit.

Another rider 2 days ago is an airport trip (Great!) Halfway through the ride I ask her what airline she is taking she tells me adding she is going back to Seattle and is scared stiff. She lives not far from the nursing home that has all the issues. I drop her off and wish her well and to be careful as a kind gesture. No rides coming back from airport as usual... but I'm thinking as I am on my way back home, I wonder when she left Seattle to come here. (Kansas City). Hope she didn't bring anything here on her trip. A little scary when you think about it and I'm not one to live in fear but it is concerning!
I am 66 yrs. and have all the health issues that would invite a virus to be critical. There are only 3 cases in my area and 2 of them are within 3 miles of my home. I am going to take a break from driving for awhile I think.
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