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I was driving up to Dewey for the 1:00AM bar crowd and noticed about 2 miles from Dewey an ambulance and a single car. Then as I got into dewey...police , ambulances and a fire truck all heading south.

Was able to get a 2.4x surge ride back down to bethany. At this point the highway was lit up with a bunch of vehicles and we slowed down and saw the body bag on the roadside....pretty gruesome.

The unfortunate thing for me was I couldn't get back north to Dewey the rest of the night. By about 330AM I was heading home with my DF on and I got a surge ping from Dewey and I couldn't take it as the road was still blocked. Had to take a 20 mile detour to get home.

Anyhow did okay in OC as it was busy at Seacrets. Tonight and Saturday will be off the charts.
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