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Gotta say I did ok on Lyft with a $55 ride to West Chester. Drove back as far as Manayunk empty where I discovered a 1.7 surge, said screw the Lyft guarantee and went online. Picked up a bro in north Roxbourough, the stupid Uber app refused to let me start the ride. I showed him it was greyed out, let him try to press it himself, so I figured out the fare with surge and got him to pay me $35 cash for a ride downtown. Already did this once this week because the app bugged.

Canceled on a PAX in the deep Western burbs with the "Let me turn the meter on from where I am because you're more than 10 minutes away from me" trick and collected $4, passed go.

Ended up back in my area after a ride to Ardmore with another bro. He took me to McDonalds and tipped me. So got some food out of it, lol...

Not the best Saturday night I've ever had, but not bad. Bar closings, meh, I think I hit the $25 guarantee for the last two hours with short rides. The ride to West Chester might have blown my average though, I think it started right before 9pm though...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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