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1) I am 1.5 miles away as the crow flies and I can see the surge for his area on my map 2) We have talked about the price he pays. It is always $18-$20
Now THIS is a glimpse of the future of rideshare with upfront pricing. Customers that pay similar fares on repetitive trips will be quoted in that range. Upfront pricing can and will turn into drivers who "bid" (accept) the lowest on that rides. First was drivers get 75%-80% of each fair. Then, loss of surge / multiplier zones where you could score a few $50+ trips day because of demand. Then, increasingly frequent rate cuts. Now, upfront pricing. To those saying "it's just a dry spell". Remember, these aren't the days before Uber/Lyft went public. They have shareholders that are demanding profitability and RS companies are feeling the pressure of massive consolidation in the tech sector, which will involve a lot of fat-trimming. HAVE A BACK UP PLAN!!
1 - 1 of 27 Posts