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Sam, whomever the hell you are, you are a bad human being.

Story time.

I am in Houston looking to get some of that sweet sweet Houston Rodeo surge after the alan jackson concert. I'm logged off watching the surge climb and climb and decide at 6x it's time to cash in. I log in and get hit with a 1.2x select ping. I am like "well....it's no 6x plus X surge, but I'll take it." It takes me about 15 minutes to get to Sam and his wife at a parking lot near the rodeo.

Sam and partner climb into my car and the conversation goes like this.

Me: "hiya doing, enjoy the rodeo"
Sam: "hmmmm I wonder if I should cancel the ride....we took select because it was cheaper than UberX"
Me...*quickly starts ride and drives off*
Sam: "we saw as you were pulling up UberX fares drop and thought we would just pay the $5.00 cancel fee and avoid the surge."
Me: *to myself* "so you would request a ride to avoid the surge, then pay me 5.00 and I get NOTHING no surge or the select ride you requested, you doo-doo head"
Me: *outloud* "well you're here, I'm here and we're going so lets just finish the ride."
We finish the ride, I get about $28.00 out of the deal and keep my mouth shut.

But dear Sam whoever you are, bite me for even thinking about trying to screw me like that. The only reason your face (which was on my dash cam) isn't on the internet and I am not trying to identify you is because you took the ride.


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The way the system is structured now the incentives for the company, drivers and pax are all misaligned. Surge pricing turns rideshare into a giant game of Cancel The Chump. With pax canceling surge fares and drivers canceling or ignoring non-surge fares in the same area. Personally, I would expect to pay more after a concert and all the fares should higher during events. Uber could implement something like a virtual queue for pax when it was busy and the app pages you when your car is on the way. That way you don't have to stand around outside when it's going to be a long wait. A permanent fare hike around events would discourage the Refresh Monkeys.
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