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SA Taxi rescue package

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Looking at the numbers it won't do much, will old mate Dan save the Victorian taxi industry, Rod Baron MP is asking for the 60 million raised per year with the $1.00 levy to be given directly to taxi drivers.

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Than you and up without,doctors,teachers,nurses,police officers,lawyers and judges.
Do you really want that?
doctors pushes pills, teachers brain wash the public, pigs gather up fines, lawyers talk endlessly in court, nurses... let the people decide on that. Judges well someone has to make a decision :roflmao: so let keep them around or it will be chaos.

Back to survival of the fittest and low taxes. With the government only job is to keep the wheels turning and defending it from other countries and out of people lives and not micromanaging every single second of it. I would not mind that at all. Unfortunately such a place in the world doesn't exist anywhere so Australia still one of the best places to live.
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