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I took a Lyft ride yesterday from the North Side (Charlie District) to Burrito Express and my driver's name was Lee. He was nice and didn't talk to me which made it even nicer. I mean I had my headphones on and was looking out the passenger side rear window the whole time so I guess it's possible that he attempted to talk to me and I didn't hear it. But he got me there fare and square, haha. No problems whatsoever and the vehicle condition was acceptable. 5⭐!. We do need more drivers here however and we need drivers like Lee! Uber is not currently available in Roswell, New Mexico. PS Lee had just gotten through taking a group to Ruidoso, New Mexico because he was on his way back into town on that route when I picked him up but I don't know that for sure.
Ruidoso- home of the biggest purse winner, talking about 1/4 horse Futurity race winner.
Winner gets mill+
Younger version of KY Derby or BC Classic winner 😁 for the 1/4 horse... huge in the Hispanic community and for illegal gambling
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