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Halftime: $120 to LA Live
Postgame: $250 to Santa Ana

Rose Bowl total: $370

Monday total: $533
Haha. Halftime..
Sure. This guy is a BS-er. He does have a good photoshop skill though. Have to give him that. Must get off on bragging rights.

Yes all in app. I'm at $630 now for the week. How's your week going? I would post screenshots but "they" don't want me to post screenshots. Contact your state senator and demand they let me post screenshots without time comsuming obstacles.
Look at me! I'm the best! Dude get a life and tone down with your fake $$$

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You've been on this site a long time. I'm sorry that in all your years here you haven't learned that at big sporting events, attendees often leave early at halftime, thus giving drivers the opportunity to do multiple trips. Give it a try sometime and let me know how it goes.

In the case of the Rose Bowl last night, there were very few cars in the area at halftime. The Uber X drivers there were logged off because of no surge. This created a scenario in which riders could request me on Lux SUV or wait a long time for a regular Uber or Lyft driver to come to the stadium. Fortunately, I got Lux SUV to LA Live and was tipped well for good service, making my fare $120.

Lux SUV + tip as well to Santa Ana after the game.

I hope this addresses your concerns and perhaps teaches you a little about rideshare event strategy UberDaninLA.
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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