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Robin Williams - Audiobook

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Does anyone here listen to audiobooks on their trek home from the grind?
I would recommend Robin William's audiobook "Robin." I learned a lot about this guy, even though I didn't find his stand-up that funny, I liked him better in movies but some of his movies were shit as well; Jack, Hook, and Patch Adams, to name some.

It's a shame his doctors couldn't diagnose his problem earlier. During the last few CDs they were describing how he was losing it mentally. I felt bad for the guy. Every time I see him speak in a movie and he mentions someone committing suicide it's kind of tough to watch him say that.

Anyways, if any of you guys listen to audiobooks definitely rent this one out at your nearest library. You won't be disappointed.
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He was a comedic genius. Sad to see him gone to soon.
Try the audio book!
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