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Anybody had experience with this? Just a warning, I learned my lesson. I'm only a month in.

I picked up a group of young college guys and asked them where we were headed. They said, "Cookout". I didn't know what "Cookout" was, but figured I was dropping them at a restaurant. When we got there, "Cookout" appeared to be a very popular drive-thru only spot. I tried to let them out and they then told me we were going through the drive-thru. We waited in a 15-20 minute line so they could order food! Meanwhile, I could have been accepting another ride. The whole experience took an hour. Not to mention the extremely offensive music they played the whole way. Granted, I let it all happen without a fuss in order to get my fare.

At least now if people let me know we're going to a popular drive-thru I can decline.

In another case, a group asked me if I could wait while they ran into the gas station. I agreed and they bought me some lottery scratchers and a drink, which was a nice gesture. A similar situation where I felt respected and not taken advantage of.

Would love to hear similar stories!
1 - 1 of 35 Posts