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I agree with UberHammer's position. As a contractor, you can decide how you operate within the guidelines of Uber's policy. However, riders can rate you poorly if you refuse. Also, if they complained to Uber support, you would have some level of headache from them.

One thing to consider is that you are paid $10/hr when you are sitting still ($0.20/min*60min*80% cut). If there is a surge, you're making more. If you were to take a rider directly to their destination, you would then have to potentially deadhead (drive with no passenger and with no compensation) back to a busy area, wait on a new ride, and then drive to the new pax position.

If you're sitting still in a drive through, you're making money, you'll end up with more compensation by driving a greater total distance than straight to the pax home, and your cost of operating is lower.

At the end of the day, it's your decision.
I don't leave the house to make $10/hour BEFORE expenses. Plus food in the car etc. If it's a BIG surge and its probably going to be gone soon then I'd consider a drive through. But it has to be a nice pax and a decent payoff. I did take a very nice lady through a drive through at the end of the night not on a surge but she was very polite about asking and offered to buy me something. She gave me a $7 tip on a $12 fare as well as breakfast at a time when I was going to go home anyway. But the ones who are the biggest pains are usually the ones who don't tip and its not even a surge. Plus I don't want food in my car (except for me.) This particular lady was only going a few more blocks and said she would eat at home. I actually told her it was fine. But those pax are the rare exception.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts