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i've done it..not often..I got burned like you did with the hr wait at the taco bell on broad and libble..even since that night i took a case by case basis..i've dropped off from UR to stony point for these 6 girls could eat chipotle..did a 10 min drive thru run @ mcd's on a 3.5X.. I would have known from the map location exactly where they wanted to go and would have cancelled or let it lapse

in all my cases i was asked if i could go..just add the experience to your now you know bag and go from there..

hell quick story...I did a pick up on a sunday in the 9000 block of West broad at a church on a 2.3x..after waiting 10 mins the guy comes out gets in, he mumbles something about the woman in the car right in front and then the next thing i know he is one the phone with henrico PD reporting said car stolen. Turns out the woman is his ex-wife or soon to be..

We spent the 38 mins waiting @ sheetz for patrol to come take a report, another 20 for them to do their thing.. then another 19 mins for the drive as he was going to southside janke rd area..

in total about 79 dollars, all for getting my car washed :)

man i miss the stories..
1 - 1 of 35 Posts