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Riders from U Chicago/Hyde Park

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Sometimes i drive to hyde park area to assist white flight, means driving folks to downtown and north sides. From my 2 months of experience of driving uber abd lyft, I feel most of riders from Hyde park/UChicago are arrogant, rude and hypocritical.
Do you guys feel the same?
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I had 2 very bad experiences in the area

1) I picked up a young white girl from hospital at 57 th st. I offered her free water and she refused without saying thx. After few minutes i noticed her throwing chewing gum papers on my car seats. I immediately pulled over and looked at her without saying a word. She reluctanly picked up all the litter. I dropped her off at west loop and thanked her. She told me don't be a ****ing dick and slammed my door before she left. Later i got bad rating from her. I regretted for not kicking her out earlier.

2) Picked up a middle-aged white woman near UChixago and her destination was midway airport. She didn't thank me for helping with her luggage. Then she wanted me to pick up another friend. During the trip, they asked me how to split fare. I didnt know so I apologized. They seemed extremely shocked and furious began mocking me for being unprofessional. They thought i was supposed to know and shouldn't drive uber without knowing. **** these old hags. I nearly lost my temper but i remained silent.

Most white riders from hyde park are annoying and self entitled. Black and asian riders are polite and quiet.
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I like Hyde Pk. Good trips from dt to there. Few trips around there and usually get back to city. Usually intelligent smart students.
That is the only reason i drove to that area. Half of the trips will bring me to busy areas.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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