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Riders can now update their pickup location

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I have received advice from Uber via the driver app that riders can now update their pickup location. This is in response to feedback.

The explanation they provided is as follows:

Smoother pickups

Riders can now update once per trip, and only to within a few blocks of their original pickup point. We’ll notify you whenever this happens, so you’ll know exactly where to pick up.
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That is good news Jack :)
The difficulty remains, however.
You can give a rider all the tools in the world, but if they lack the brain power to use them, nothing changes.

Here is a text conversation with a rider on (last) Maundy Thursday afternoon at 6:10 pm.

The Lion, Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. In North Adelaide, it doesn't get any more peak than that. Anyone with an IQ over 20 would move away from an intersection :rolleyes:

Product Font Line Screenshot Terrestrial plant

Where he said right on the corner, he was literally right on the very corner. :eek:
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