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So, any driver done some pay back? well sadly i have lol...

So I got this rider once, I was sent to a destination which turn out to be his GF... so i picked her up.. accept the trip.. and no destination was given... so i ask her where we going, she tell me, she new to the area and have no idea where he lives... i called him and asked him where he is... he tell me he on manly road but didnt say where lol, so I head toward that direction then he call up 2mins later that I'm going the wrong way and he cancels the rides with his GF in the car lol.. what a ******... he calls his GF up, tell her to get out of the car and tells her i'am just taking her for a joy ride lol... so i dropped his GF off as she requested... 4mins later i get the same guy with the right address and number.... and it turn out I was heading the right way and he was only 4mins up the road lol

so what do i do?... accepted the trip.. got to the place and said.. nah it just a joy rider... find another uber lol
and every time i get that address and name, i do the same thing over and over again to him,
then just last week I got him at west end, and told him the same thing lol

so have you personal blacklisted riders?
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