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Rider feedback

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It seems to have started this morning city-to-city, worldwide, as I see a lot of drivers today questioning the same problem.

I've drove for one exact month now. 467 trips in 4 weeks, and I take about 2 1/2 days a week off from it. A couple of weeks ago I must have bad luck with a passenger or two, because my rating at one point slammed down to a 4.70 out of nowhere. Well, in about the last 10 days or so, I built that back up to an overall 4.80. In this time, I had one negative feedback rating on my account as of Saturday night/Sunday, and it was for "Wrong rider." I am pretty sure I know who and why this happened: I arrived to pick up a passenger, and it was a mother who was escorting her son to my car, and asked me to get him home safe. Well, I did. The son (the "real" passenger) was very polite and well-spoken for his age. However, it was the mother who ordered the ride. Shortly after dropping the passenger off at his house, I got a gig on my feedback for "wrong rider." I confirmed address, name, destination, etc. It was not a wrong rider. But I figured out it was one of the few that have used the system who have ordered a ride for someone else, then claimed refund for the ride because the person who ordered it didn't physically take the trip, it was for her son, and the claim was made, and I got stepped on for it. Well, I disputed it, but I moved on from it. Since then, I have built up many positive feedback comments on my profile. Clean car, smells fresh, polite and cordial driver, best driver I have had, etc. Now, I am not boasting here, I am getting to the punchline:

Today, I opened my app. I haven't driven in two days. Last night, still only one negative feedback, but 6 compliments from 5-star ratings. Then today I open up the app. I go from 1 negative to 67 negative overnight. WHOA... what? I clean my car daily, because the interior is clean and fresh, and I keep it that way. I am polite to every passenger, even if a late-night pax gets in my car and is belligerent, I still keep my cool and stay positive, and do my best to get them home quick but safe, no matter what kind of flak I have taken. I have only stopped the car once and ejected a passenger (they were literally fighting and trying to dismantle my vehicle while driving).

So overnight, no driving, I got dinged for 66 multiple negative reports. I looked online here and it seemed to happen world-wide. I'm curious how many drivers in Des Moines noticed this or had this happen to them. I emailed Uber support, no reply yet.

*** Update, as writing this, they must have fixed it or got my email, they took the new 66 bogus reports back off my account and I am down to the one "wrong rider" report. Okay, by blood pressure has lowered a bit.

Anyone else encounter this today and feel like they ate cement the night before?
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Stupid question from a new driver. How do I actually get the report above? When I go to the rating page in the app I'm seeing my overall rating, x rated trips and y 5 star ratings. Can I see what the other ratings are?

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