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Rider Explodes at Cab Driver, After Being Charged 'Fairly' for Trip. (Eyewitness Account)

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So, Im sitting at my favorite watering hole 'rider' area, driving my own platform, Uber not online, but always watching the potential surge login prompt.

I've had multiple GOOD runs over the last 4 hours driving my own platform, and I see 2 cars pull in to the lot dropping drinkers off to this cool little watering hole.

3 middle aged, khaki short wearing dudes pile out of the first car (Uber, I find out in about 15 seconds)

The second car is a yellow cab, and a 3 milfs roll out of it, and head right toward the dudes with khakis.

They hug, and talk for a second (I'm a few feet away, waiting on my next, PROFITABLE rider, windows rolled down, observing and listening).

The biggest khaki wearing dude starts M-F'ing the yellow cab, asking "how is the fare 15 dollars for a 3 mile ride"?

(BTW, its about an 8-10 minute ride, or more with traffic, to navigate the miles between the 'locales'.)

To say he's losing his mind is an understatement.

Now mind you, knucklehead khaki man is in a parking lot of a very happy clientele watering hole, raising holy hell about a 15 dollar fare for 3 gorgeous women to be transported safely 3 miles down the road.

Then the beat DROPS!

He says my "F'ing fare was 3 dollars, for 3 people, and you're gonna rob me and charge me 15 bucks?!"

"We will never use you again!" he shouts!

Here's the rub, based on factual data.

All six people are about to pay a 5 dollar cover EACH, just for the honor of entering this cool little watering hole. (worth every penny)

Every BEER will cost them a minimum of 3.50, with mixed drinks 5-8 bucks, minimum.


And this knucklehead is telling the crowd who's now gathered, that his (and his buddys) women are worth a dollar a head, to transport their gorgeous beings safely, in order to grace their knucklehead arms at this watering hole.

The women were appalled at the scene that was being created, and the cabbie just backed out and left.

I will bet that Uber driver had a few things to say to khaki man about his 3 dollars for 3 mile fare, and Im sure his apparent sunny disposition during the ride.

But, I can't tell her (female uber driver) side of the story, just mine.

Thanks for reading.
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Not on Montford, Crowd there is not over 24 on a weekend night.
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