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This morning, I was at the Tuggeranong Town Centre. I turned on the rider app to see how many other drivers were in the area.

The rider app suggested that I was at the South African High Commission in Yarralumla near Parliament House, some significant distance from where I in fact was. I turned the app off and then on to rectify the error, but the app still had me supposedly at the South African High Commission.

It was only by rebooting the phone that the rider app reflected my fair dinkum whereabouts.

Later in the day, I received a ride request that was apparently from a farmhouse a few hundred metres off the Monaro Highway near the Alexander Maconochie Centre in Symonston. Having arrived there, I discovered via a text that my rider was in fact at the airport, some 12 minutes' drive away.

After arriving at the airport, I found my rider in the Uber lounge. She was an overseas student and her destination was Lena Karmel Lodge at ANU, and not the farmhouse I had been at earlier. So it wasn't a case of the rider confusing her pickup point with her destination.

The rider told me that she realised the pickup point was completely wrong but there was nothing she could do to correct it.

After my own experience earlier in the day, I commiserated with her.

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App took me on a magical mystery tour to Fairbairn Golf Course but I could not reach the putting green in question as it had no road access. 10 minutes later I found my passenger at the Vibe Hotel. I seem to recall that BlackNight posted that his app showed him to be in Penang and that he was grateful he didn't get pinged.
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