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Ride Shortage in LA & Boost VS Hourly

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I believed I completed 45 rides last week, so I've been receiving boost all week long. I started driving on Tuesday this week and there was a shortage in LA. I was online for 4 hours and only got 4 trips and made about $30 that night. I was reading some other threads and people have mentioned that normally Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest. Anyways, I was pretty pissed on Tuesday and emailed Uber to switch me from LA county to Orange county because I get way less UberPool in OC compared to LA county. The traffic is much better with wider roads which makes it much easier to drive. I also get more rides in OC during week days. I might be doing something wrong or drove in the wrong area in LA. But I actually went all the way down to Santa Monica and Venice Beach on Tuesday and still no luck. Today I was driving in OC, online for about 5 hours and got $70 on Uber and $20 on Lyft.

I have a quick question though. I normally make more driving hourly because I don't know what's the best place to drive for boost. I don't perform very well with boost so I think I'll focus on driving hourly in the future. However, if I do have boost for the week, does that mean I won't be able to have hourly? I noticed that I still haven't seen the hourly for this weekend which normally kicks in on Thursday night. If I want to focus on the hourly, should I not hit 25 trips in the future so I don't hit the silver status? Thanks.
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Hourly will encounter similar pingless days. I have driven two days this week hourly, only logged an hour 20mins each day since I couldn't get a third ping. Just two trips both days. So I had to call it a day to not go less than the 1.5trips/hr.

There is a lot of supply out there. But to answer your Q, hourly is less than 25 rides or so. Nobody truly knows the threshold to silver, but I've been doing on average 10 rides a week and I get hourly.
Thank you so much for getting back to me. I've encountered pingless hourly as well. However, I normally get hourly on the weekend and the weekend always works out pretty well for me.
You don't have to switch from LA to OC to drive in OC.
You're right. But in order to receive any OC related incentives, I need to switch over to OC.
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