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Ride Shortage in LA & Boost VS Hourly

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I believed I completed 45 rides last week, so I've been receiving boost all week long. I started driving on Tuesday this week and there was a shortage in LA. I was online for 4 hours and only got 4 trips and made about $30 that night. I was reading some other threads and people have mentioned that normally Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest. Anyways, I was pretty pissed on Tuesday and emailed Uber to switch me from LA county to Orange county because I get way less UberPool in OC compared to LA county. The traffic is much better with wider roads which makes it much easier to drive. I also get more rides in OC during week days. I might be doing something wrong or drove in the wrong area in LA. But I actually went all the way down to Santa Monica and Venice Beach on Tuesday and still no luck. Today I was driving in OC, online for about 5 hours and got $70 on Uber and $20 on Lyft.

I have a quick question though. I normally make more driving hourly because I don't know what's the best place to drive for boost. I don't perform very well with boost so I think I'll focus on driving hourly in the future. However, if I do have boost for the week, does that mean I won't be able to have hourly? I noticed that I still haven't seen the hourly for this weekend which normally kicks in on Thursday night. If I want to focus on the hourly, should I not hit 25 trips in the future so I don't hit the silver status? Thanks.
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