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Newport Uber Drivers Probably Have A Reprieve…For Now
By Tristan Pinnock. July 21, 2015


City Councillor John Florez spoke to Newport's City Manager on the matter of Uber drivers facing arrest yesterday. He was told the Newport police officer misspoke when he told an Uber driver that they'd face arrest if they picked up passengers without a chauffeur's license or commercial vehicle permit. Florez was told that Uber is currently outside of the Newport Police Department's jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the Uber driver who originally received the warning that they could be arrested posted this response they got from Uber.

Many jurisdictions have not yet determined if or how to regulate innovative new services like Uber. We are actively working with the appropriate regulatory bodies to provide that clarity for our riders and partners.

That being said, you should partner with Uber in confidence. Our team has your back 100% and should you ever run into trouble as a result of your use of the Uber app, we will reimburse you for any regulatory citation received as well as provide any necessary legal support.

The only documents you need to have to be operating on the Uber Platform legally is a Drivers license, insurance, and registration. Please make sure all of these documents are updated and as I can see in the system they are so you are all set.

The blue card the officer was referring to is a blue card that commercial drivers need to have. But as you know Michael you are not a professional driver and you do not need these documents. You are a Peer to Peer partner. Providing services to your peers. All in all, your[sic] in accordance with all requirements.

So if you're an Uber driver or user, it would appear that you can proceed normally…at least until the the General Assembly returns for its September session where a number of bills regarding TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) will come off the table.

Still, might not want to risk it!?!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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