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Reviewing drivers on Yelp?

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I cancelled on a man who wanted to transport his infant without a car seat. He started out nice but then he called me a rectal aperture, and that he would 1 star me (very funny, he can't), report me, etc etc, [all of it using more colorful language than I will use here] and then he would give me a bad Yelp review.

Really??? a bad Yelp review. I searched and searched. I found nothing conclusive other than general complaints and that uber/drivers did this, that, and the other thing. I have not seen any driver identified by name, car or license plate.

Does anyone have knowledge about Uber drivers reviews on Yelp or any other website?
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You should have told him that you are going to report him to Child Protective Services for trying to put his infant son/daughter at risk. And then you should have started taking pictures of him and his infant as evidence.

That would have ended the conversation pretty quickly and he probably would've ran away like a cockroach with the light turned on.
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